• Snow Peak - Ponta, Light Tarp

Ponta, Light Tarp
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For the minimal campers, a tarp is a great option for a variety of uses. This lightweight high quality tarp will keep you out of the rain and take of a minimal amount of space.



Material Polyester Taffeta, Shielding Pigment PU Coating Water Resistance 1,800Mm Minimum, PU Coating, Teflon Water Repellent
Poles not included
Weight 1.9 lbs (900g)
Dimensions L 8.2 W 6.6 (250*200cm)
Contents Include Tarp, Rope With Stopper, Peg Case, Carrying Case, Duralumin Peg, Paddle Hooking Cover
Size Stowed L 14" W 7" (35*18cm)

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