Lifetime ownership, our promise to you.

Snow Peak submits all of its products to the highest standards of engineering and testing to ensure long-lasting durability in even the most challenging outdoor conditions. Our company proudly takes full responsibility for the high quality of our products.

If you ever find that one of our products doesn't function properly, simply contact Snow Peak User Services, or take it to one of our certified dealers. If we find that the product didn't live up to our standards, we'll repair it or exchange it free of charge. In other cases, we'llĀ  provide the necessary repairs for a reasonable fee. Please understand that we will not be able to repair damage caused by unreasonable usage or, in certain cases, the natural lifespan of the product. It is important that you read the user manual for each product before use.

If anything is unclear or a product requires service, we will be happy to answer any questions through Snow Peak User Services or any of our certified dealers.

Please e-mail any return questions to