Best of Summer Comfort

Summer is made for relaxation and comfort as much as it is for adventure. Wind down after long days outside or escape to tranquility with our favorite summer comfort products.


Enjoy the warmth of a fireplace and luxury of grilling outside with our Pack & Carry Fireplace. Compatible accessories allow for easy transport and transition between fireplace or grill.


Pack & Carry (L) Fireplace

Durable steel fireplace that folds flat for easy transport

Fireplace Canvas Bag (L)

Rugged canvas bag to transport Pack & Carry Fireplace

Fireplace Compatible Grill (L)

Chrome plated steel surface allows for easy grilling

Fireplace Coal Bed (L)

Allow for use of charcoal or briquettes and raise heat source for slow cooking



Beat the heat with our best selling shelter, cooler, insulated drinkware, and lightweight apparel.


Penta Air Tarp

Take shelter from the heat of the day

Soft Cooler 11

Easily transport chilled food and drinks

Titanium Kanpai Bottle

Doubled-walled & vacuum sealed to keep drinks colder longer

Hand-Dyed Check Shirt

Lightweight cotton that is hand-dyed, perfect for summer



Pass the time outside in comfort with our classic furniture, tables, and sleeping bags.


Low Beach Chair

Comfortable folding canvas chair with lightweight aluminum frame

Single Action Table

Portable bamboo table with sturdy aluminum folding frame

Ofuton Sleeping Bag

Stay cool on warm summer nights with this deluxe bag

Tarp Shield Recta

Durable shelter for groups of 4 to 6 people