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Field Oven
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The new accessory for the Pack & Carry Fireplace is an attachment to convert our beloved collapsible fireplace into a fully functional oven. Features compact storage and a ceramic tray for cooking bread, pie and even pizza.


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SKU CS-390
Material Stainless Steel, Chromed Steel, Ceramic
Weight 14.5 lbs (6.6kg)
Dimensions 18 x 18.5 x 6in (460 x 470 x 150mm)
Contents Include Oven unit, Oven rack, Ceramic Tray, Lifter, Ceramic tray case and straps
*Requires *Requires: Large Pack&Carry Fireplace (ST-032R) and Large Grill Bridge (ST-032GBR)
Made In Japan
User Manual


Ceramic backing sheet for even cooking. Includes lifter for removing cooking sheet.
Place hot coals on top for even heating. Oven can reach 932°F with proper stoking.



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