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SnowMiner Headlamp / Lantern
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Snow Peaks award winning SnowMiner seamlessly switches between a bright headlamp and a lantern with soft, diffused light.



SKU ES-020
Material Poly-carbonate, High-Modulus Nylon Fiber , Silicone Resin, ABS, and Rubber
Weight 2.3 oz | 65g (without batteries)
Dimensions 2.2" D x 2" W | 62 x 57 mm
Lighting Hours 140 hrs. on Low, 55 hrs. on High, 250 hrs. on Strobe
Brightness 80 Lumens High, 8 Lumens Low(ANSI)
Power Source 3 AAA batteries (included)




Use and Care

Store the SnowMiner in "lantern mode," with the silicone in bulb shape. This allows for the optimal pliability to quickly convert from headlamp mode to lantern mode. Note that the silicone shape holds a memory, and if its stored in headlamp mode for an extended amount of time it may be slow to respond when converting to lantern mode, however only for a limited time.

Overtime the silicone diffuser will become dirty. To clean, please remove the silicone from the main headlamp and hand wash with warm soaping water. Dry completely and place back onto the headlamp.