• Rain & Wind Coat
  • Rain & Wind Coat
  • Rain & Wind Coat
  • Rain & Wind Coat
  • Rain & Wind Coat
  • Rain & Wind Coat

Rain & Wind Coat
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Everyday function with a Snow Peak twist. The Rain & Wind Coat features a soft-feeling, waterproof hardshell with plenty of vent points to help release moisture away from your body and a unique packable design that’s perfect for minimal travel fans.


Materials Body: 100% Nylon 
Wash Hand wash with a light detergent, air dry
SKU JK-19SU009


Wind And Water Repellent
Designed In Japan


High Collar Adjust

Velcro to top to keep wind and rain out

Collar Release

Top collar Velcro can be removed to create ventilation

Removable Collar

Collar can be completely removed during dry periods or when hood isn't necessary

Full Protection

Large collar and full hood create incredible protection from the elements

Tapered Fit

Back sits low to protect from kicked up rain and dirt  

Size Guide

How We Measure


US Size 1 2 XS S M L XL
Sleeve 22.0" 22.8" 23.6" 24.4" 25.4" 26.4" 27.4"
Shoulder 15.6" 16.1" 16.7" 17.3" 17.9" 18.7" 19.7"
Chest 19.9" 20.5" 20.9" 21.7" 22.8" 24.4" 26.4"


Fit Comparison

All our apparel items are designed gender-neutral. Use the fit comparison chart below to determine the equivalent Women's and Men's sizes. 

Size 1 2 XS S M L XL
Fit Women's S Women's M Men's XS Men's S Men's M Men's L Men's XL


Snow Peak submits all of its products to the highest standards of engineering and testing to ensure long-lasting durability in even the most challenging outdoor conditions.

If you ever find that one of our products doesn't function properly, simply contact Snow Peak User Services, or take it to one of our certified dealers. If we find that the product didn't live up to our standards, we'll repair it or exchange it free of charge. For more details, view our Warranty.