Each day of Snow Peak Way USA is filled with an incredible variety of activities and demos to fully embrace your nature. Listed below are the opportunities we will be providing customers throughout the weekend. These are subject to change in the coming weeks as we continue to acquire partners and scout surrounding outdoor destinations. Demo and activity signups will be available for customers April 9th.



Our staff lead activities provide Snow Peakers the opportunity to explore and experience the Columbia River Gorge which provides some of the most breathtaking scenery the Pacific Northwest has to offer. In addition, customers can take part in a variety traditional Japanese arts and crafts for all ages.


Hamilton Mountain Hike

An outstanding hike with all the incredible features of the Columbia River Gorge such as water falls, steep cliffy areas, superb views, ridge line hiking, and deep forested areas, complete with a loop for minimal repeat scenery. All of which can be experienced when you take this trail 8 miles round trip, or even 2 miles round trip to Rodney Falls.

Columbia River Gorge Waterfall Tour 

The Columbia River Gorge is one of the most unique geological areas in the country in that it hosts over 50 waterfalls on both the Oregon and Washington sides. Join us as we take a trip across the Bridge of the Gods and guide customers on an Oregon waterfall tour exploring the largest and most majestic falls the gorge has to offer.

Beacon Rock Hike

Beacon Rock is one of the most prominent and distinctive geological features in the Columbia River Gorge, an 848-foot landmark that was once the core of a volcano; what remains is what was not washed away by the massive force of ice-age flooding. Take part in the 2 mile round trip hike on paved paths to a breathtaking view of the surrounding area.

Tent Flag Designing

On the campfield, your tent becomes your home and we are providing customers with an opportunity to decorate your tent and make it your own. Our Japan headquarters has graciously sent us fabric triangles for customers to design and hang from their tent. We provide you with all the art supplies you will need for this special activity that truly connects you with the tradition of Snow Peak Way.

Shibori Tie-Dye

For centuries, Japanese culture has been practicing the art of Shibori Tie-Dying and now we are providing customers with the opportunity to connect with our roots though this unique craft activity. We will be guiding customers through each step to help them create unique patterns on a variety of white fabrics provided by both our staff and items brought from home.  



We are incredibly fortunate to partner with some of the most well known brands and organizations surrounding our community to help Snow Peakers have an unforgettable Snow Peak Way experience. Below you will find a list of demos offered for customers to sign up and participate in on Friday and Saturday. These are subject to change and be adjusted in the coming weeks. 


Cooking Demos presented by Dirty Gourmet 

Dirty Gourmet is a three woman company that believes that their is no more satisfying meal than one you earned in the backcountry. They have developed recipes for the soul-nourishing experience of exploring the outdoors. The group will be on site to lead cooking demos for recipes you can take with you on the trail, at your campsite, or even in the comforts of your home.

Happy Hours

We will be hosting special happy hours when customers come back from their daily activities and fun. Each night will feature unique signature drinks served up in your commemorative Titanium 450 Mug.

Fly Casting presented by The Fly Fishers Place

Nothing is more meditative and relaxing than the rhythm of casting a fly line. Our friends from The Fly Fisher's Place in Sisters Oregon will be on site to teach customers the art of casting and as well insights for fly fishing in the Pacific Northwest. 

Soap Making presented by Maak Lab

Maak Lab will be back for this year's Snow Peak Way to set up and lead their custom camp soap making station on the campfield. Choose your unique scents and notes that can be combined to make a truly personalized soap you can bottle and take home at the end of the weekend. 

Morning Yoga presented by Viv

Each morning, Vivian Zhang a Portland based yoga instructor will be guiding customers through a special morning yoga class to get people limber and connected with nature before embarking on the activities of the day. Vivian is a friend of the Snow Peak brand who has lead multiple yoga classes for customers in our Portland retail store.   

Secure your spot in this year's event as registration is officially open. Space and availability are limited.