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Learn, Support, Give

Written by: Savanna Frimoth

June 9th , 2020


It’s no secret that the outdoor industry has much work to do to serve, welcome and support BIPOC and diversity at large. As we shared last week, Snow Peak is committing to greater education, unlearning of biases and support of the Black community and POC in the outdoors. Here are some resources we’ve found to be helpful, plus organizations that could benefit from support and donation.  

Learn: Things to Read and Watch

Articles, books and blog posts about the changes needed in the outdoor industry.

Support: Voices to Amplify   

Some of the many advocates and activists taking the lead in diversifying outdoor spaces.  

Give: Take Action 

Put your words to work. Use your resources to donate money or time to the organizations creating change.

As a brand that fervently advocates for restorative experiences in nature, it’s essential that we work together to create spaces where BIPOC outdoor enthusiasts feel safe and welcomed.