Carry-On Chopsticks L

Carry-On Chopsticks L

$ 39.95

An improvement upon our Original Carry-On Chopsticks, this new pair of chopstick goes up and beyond our previous version by featuring elegant bamboo tips and a new squared off stainless tube design.


Material Grip: Squared Stainless Steel Tips: Bamboo Cap : Brass Case: #10 Canvas Fabric.
Weight Chopsticks: 1 oz Carrying Case: 0.8 oz (Chopsticks: 27g Carrying Case:22g)
Dimensions Chopsticks: L 9" D 0.3" Carrrying Case: L 6.5" W 1.6" (Chopsticks: 8*8*225mm Carrying Case: 40*155mm)
Size Stowed L 4.5" W 0.3" (40*155mm)
Made In Japan